About Us

                    The School of Marxism at Wuhan University of Science and Technology is one of the key schools ofMarxism endorsed officially by Hubei Province, and houses the Hubei Institute for Ideological Construction Research (a provincial think tank). A prestigious teaching and research institution, we serve as a Director of the National Association for Research in Marxism and are undertaking the key demonstrative project in school-of-Marxism construction of the Ministry of Education. Besides, we are playing a leading role in a number of academic organizations in varied capacities: Standing Director of County-level Public Administration Society and Teaching Research Society of Chinese Public Administration Association; Vice-chairman of Hubei Scientific Socialism Society; Standing Director of Hubei Association of Marxist Research; Standing Director of Hubei Public Administration Society; and Standing Director of Hubei Discipline Inspection and Supervision Society.

                    Consisting of the Department of Marxist Principles, the Department of Marxism Sinicization, the Department of Ideological and Political Education, the Department of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, the Division of Ideological and Political Education for Postgraduates, the Teaching and Research Division of World Affairs and State Policies, the Teaching and Research Division of Art, and MPA Education Office, we are also the home of the Marxist Research Center of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Ideological Security Research Center, Art Therapy and Mental Health Research Center, Sinology Research Center, the Institute of History and Culture, and the Institute of Literature.

                    Given our immense strength in teaching and research, we are authorized to grant: master’s degree in the first-level discipline of Marxist Theory, which covers four second-level disciplines, namely, Basics of Marxism, Sinicization of Marxism, Ideological and Political Education, andBasic Issues in Modern and Contemporary Chinese History; master’s degree in thefirst-level discipline of Philosophy, which covers such second-level disciplines as Marxist Philosophy, Science and Technology Philosophy, Ethics, Chinese Philosophy; professional degree of MPA (Master of Public Administration); and doctoral degree in second-level discipline of Public Security Engineering and Management in cooperation with the School of Humanities, Law and Economics.

                    Our Discipline of Marxist Theory is the provincially-endorsedkey discipline, and we are permitted to engage chair professors with the financial support from the Chutian Scholar Program of Hubei Province. One of the courses we offer was certified as a national quality resource-sharing course; and two others, provincial quality resource-sharing courses. In recent years, we have won a long list of prizes, including the Second Prize of National Teaching Achievements, the Second Prize of National Teaching Competition in Modern History of China and World Affairs and State Policies, and the Second Prize of Provincial Research and Teaching Achievements, “Five-One” Project Award of Hubei Province, the First Prize of National Microfilm Competition for College Students Themed “Ideological and Political Course in My Eyes”, to name but a few. Our researchers have secured and presided over 100-plus research projects financed by the National Social Science Fund or the Humanities and Social Science Project of the Ministry of Education or the Provincial Social Science Fund.

                    We are staffed by more than 100 full-time or part-time teachers. Among the 84 full-time teachers, 18 are professors and 47 associate professors. Our renowned staff include 1 member of the Publicity and Instruction Team of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the CPC, 2 decision-making support consultants of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the CPC, 1 member of One-hundred Talents Program in Philosophy and Social Sciences of Hubei “Seven One-hundred” Project for Ideology and Culture, 10 members of Cultivation Program of Young and Middle-aged Marxist Theorists of Colleges and Universities in Hubei Province, 4 specially invited professors of the Publicity and Instruction Team of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the CPC, and 2 members of the Publicity and Instruction Team of Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPC.

                    Wetake pride in the achievements we have made in education. We are responsible for the teaching of ideological and political theory courses to all the students on campus. Shouldering a special mission in talent cultivation, we have grown into an important base for Marxist theory education, scientific research, social service, cultural heritage andinnovation as well as international exchange and cooperation. We began offering the graduate program in Marxism-related disciplines as of the 1980s, and so far nearly 1,000 senior specialists in Marxist theory, philosophy of science and technology have graduated from here. At present, over 150 graduate students are learning with us, added by 10 students of the provincial “Youth Marxists Training Program” and100 students of the university Leader Class of the“Youth Marxists Training Program”. We enjoy close academic relationships with universities and research institutes from such regions and countries as the USA, Britain, Australia, Russia, Belgium, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Each year, not a few teachers and students go abroad for further studies or academic exchanges.